What We Offer

Learning has been defined as a relatively permanent change in human behavior as a result of distilled experience. At Wise Willow, we dedicate ourselves to improving every aspect of human learning by looking at it as a holistic end-to-end ongoing process. Anything and everything to do with learning is what we specialize in and focus on.  Wise Willow Learning Solutions is a dedicated learning solutions company that focuses on 3 distinct segments where learning is concerned viz.

Our Services

Life Skills and Professional Skills development:

At Wise Willow Learning Solutions, we specialize in helping both Individuals and Organisations acquire, hone and master Life Skills as well as Professional Skills. Our proven and established learning methodology uses a unique fusion of best-of-breed principles, concepts and theories from both Andragogy (adult learning) and Pedagogy(leading  children) to create a path breaking approach to learning as much as is possible within the shortest possible span of time and mastery through focused and sustained application of concepts. Typical Life Skills areas that we cater to focus on a diverse range of topics like Hobby Development, Arts and Craft, Theater and emotional sensitivity etc. Typical Professional Skills areas would cover a wide span including Behavioral Skills Training, Communication Skills Training, Managerial Skills Training, Leadership Training and Technical Skills Training. All training and development plans have both classroom as well as outbound approaches that can be tweaked and customized as per your requirements. Our proven and unique learning model can be applied to any of the mentioned training areas ensuring complete mastery, long-term recall and extremely hands-on approaches to application of skills acquired. Get in touch with us to know more.


Organisational Learning & Consulting:

Are you struggling with your Learning initiatives? Is your organization stagnating and stuck in a rut due to a lack of opportunities for learning? Do you feel that a culture of innovation can help your organization grow? Do you have a huge knowledge gap in your organization due to key people moving out and taking away huge amounts of organization/product/process/operation specific knowledge with them? Is there something that can be done in order to stem this leakage?

Questions like these are ones that every business owner or small/medium/large organization faces. We can help you find the right answer and more importantly, take necessary action to put these answers in workable plans that can be implemented for you. We work closely with our clients realizing that every client has different needs that need to be accordingly customized and then implemented with a continuous feedback mechanism in place. Using our knowledge base and experience in the areas of Human Capital Management and Human Learning and Development we offer expertise and Consulting Services in the following areas:

  • Competency Mapping
  • Individual & Organisational Development Planning
  • Organisational Learning initiatives
  • Knowledge Management initiatives
  • Learning Strategy design & implementation
  • Learning assimilation & evaluation
  • Career Mapping & Employee Development
  • Organisational & Executive Coaching & Counselling

 Get in touch with us to know more and find out how Wise Willow Learning Solutions can help you and your organization develop and grow.


Content Design and Development:

Getting high quality, adequate and relevant content in place is always a constant struggle and challenge for both learners and learning providers alike. Content that keeps the learner engaged and involved in the whole process of learning is hard to come by. Wise Willow can help you there. Using our unique, structured, learning specific methodology, we can help you create the best and the most relevant content to aid your Organisational Learning initiatives. Be it static or dynamic content, presentations, handouts, learning material, animated films, multimedia videos, podcasts etc. Wise Willow can help you easily gain ownership of all these learning aids. Using Cognitive learning principles, our in-house team creates dynamic content-rich learning material that you can put to use in your organization from the moment you get access to it. Customised content specific to your organization can also be created using whatever medium you choose to deploy. Get in touch with us to know more.